Writer's Lab

Class Name Writer's Lab
Age Range 10-14
Brief Description This writer's lab is for those who would like to continue to improve their academic writing skills. During the class period, each student will have time to review their work with me and get constructive feedback. While group instruction is not the main goal, there will be short reviews of punctuation and other grammar topics.

Introduction to French

Class Name Introduction to French
Age Range 6-10
Brief Description This French class is geared toward younger students who would like the opportunity to learn and practice the French language. Students will approach this through listening, speaking, games, and some introductory reading and writing activities.
Skills Required Desire to learn French.


Class Name Yoga
Age Range 5+, Parents welcome
Brief Description

Musical Theatre Performance Program

Class Name MUSIC THEATRE PERFORMANCE PROGRAM: Shrek (the Musical) - based on the animated movie
Age Range 7-13
Brief Description

Mental Math and More

Class Name Mental Math and More
Age Range 7-11
Brief Description Learn how to be a human "calculator"! No slide rules, but students will learn tips, tricks, and shortcuts for solving math problems in their heads. Math and logic are intertwined, so we will also work on developing logical thinking through math and logic puzzles and games.
Skills Required