Identity in Shakespeare Comedies

Class Name Identity in Shakespeare Comedies
Age Range 11
Brief Description

High School Chemistry (AP Prep)

Class Name High School Chemistry (AP Prep)
Age Range 11
Brief Description This course is predominantly lab, with some outside class study designed to prepare students for the rigors of the AP Chemistry curriculum. Over 90% of instruction will be through investigative labs which cover the AP-required investigations in an somewhat simplified manner. Content will be available online for further study.


Class Name Chess
Age Range All
Brief Description Learn to play chess from a master. Each class will be broken into half instruction and half play, with an emphasis on learning and fun throughout. All elements of the game, including openings, tactics, middle-game and endgame, will be covered.
Skills Required

Trigonometry / Pre-Calculus

Class Name Trigonometry / Pre-Calculus
Age Range all ages
Brief Description Trigonometry, vectors, and complex numbers are not only fascinating,
they are interwoven with the world we live in. Yes, math is alive! (And what came first, the equation or the reality??)
We won't debate philosophy - much - but will explore how numbers and equations rule our world. An understanding of this

The World's Geological Wonders

Class Name The World's Geological Wonders
Age Range 9-12
Brief Description