Dates for the Fall 2016 session of the HSGS Friday Co-op

The dates for the Fall 2016 session of Friday Co-op have been set. Registration dates and procedures will be sent to HSGS members as soon as the class list has been finalized. The Meet-and-Greet will be held on Friday, September 9 (time and location to be determined). Classes will meet on Fridays starting September 16. The last class will meet on November 18.

Musical Theatre Performance: OLIVER!

Class Name MUSIC THEATRE PERFORMANCE PROGRAM: OLIVER! (Musical based on the Charles Dickens novel)
Age Range 7-13
Brief Description

Programmers' Club

Class Name Programmers' Club
Age Range 7 to adult
Brief Description A place where students can come and design programs and games. Teacher will guide and encourage programmers to experiment and explore. Any programming language is encouraged, beginners should start with Scratch (requires online account).
Skills Required

Intro to Chemistry, Biology, and Physics Lab

Class Name Intro to Chemistry, Biology, and Physics Lab
Age Range 8-13
Brief Description

Extreme Mammals

Class Name Extreme Mammals
Age Range 4-7
Brief Description What exactly is a mammal, anyway? Come and explore what makes mammals special and learn about some of the most interesting and unusual members of Mammalia - wombats, bats, and more! Each class will include a science discussion, books, and an art project.
Skills Required