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Co-op Classes Announced for Fall 2016 on New Website!

The HSGS Friday Co-op has a new website: http://www.hsgscoop.com. The list of classes for the upcoming session is available on the new site.

Registration will take place on August 22-23. Sign-up for classes will occur several days after registration. We look forward to hearing from you! For more information, click here.

Table-Top History: The Golden Age of Piracy

Class Name Table-Top History: The Golden Age of Piracy
Age Range 8-14
Brief Description

Beginning Fife

Class Name Beginning Fife
Age Range 7 to adult
Brief Description Have you ever wanted to learn a musical instrument? Here's your chance to learn the flute by starting on the indestructible resin fife. No keys, but played almost exactly like the flute.
Skills Required

Competition Math - advanced level

Class Name Competition Math - advanced level
Age Range none
Brief Description

Jr. Storyteller's Club

Class Name Jr. Storyteller's Club
Age Range 4-8
Brief Description